Stage size solo acts
(including "spinning" elements)

stage size: 10 meters x 10 meters
height: 4.50 meters
floor: very even floor, solid stage (wood). When possible covered with vinyl dance floor

When no "spinning" elements included, Achus needs a width of about 1.5 meters and a legth of about 9 meters.

Stage size group acts

Depending on number of acrobats, wheels and choreography. Please contact us!

Those measurments are recommendations and optimal conditions. Changes and exceptions are usual and are depending on the kind of event. Please do not hesitate to send us your request and we will try to find a solution. Notice: smaller stages or slippery surfaces may cause changes of choreography.

Achus has performed on following surfaces and floors:

  • water
  • grass (football and cricket matches),
  • streets
  • wooden stages
  • metal surfaces
  • stone floors
  • soft thin and thick carpet floor
  • gymnastic and rythmic gymnast floors
  • different plastic and synthetic floors