Achus has always been a very athletic and multi talented person. He never had problems picking up new movements or sports and he was trained and masters sports like swimming, gymnastics, sailing, football, volleyball, handball, basketball, golf, tennis, badminton, surfing, windsurfing, skateboarding, inlineskating, snowboarding, skiing, horse riding, diving, athletics.

At the age of 12, Achus had his first experience with wheelgymnastics. In the first two years of his career he already took part in international training camps and european championships. After only 5 years in this sport he fell into line with the worlds top german wheel gymnasts by becoming vize-european- and vize-worldchampion. Achus joined the German National Team for more than 15 years and as a result of becoming several times german champion, two times world-cup-winner and 7-times senior worldchampion Achus is the most successful senior gymnast in the german wheel of the past years.

He has organized, produced and choreographed shows, worked out sponsoring- and marketing- concepts and has performed more than 3.000 times all over the world (as in Brasil, Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, India, Saudi Arab, Arabic Emirates, Lebanon).

Since the very beginning Achus was responsible for all his solo-act-choreographies as well his duo- and group-german wheel acts. He has performed in cabaret-shows, circus-shows, water circus, coorpoate events, gala-shows, casino-shows, tv-productions, private events of all sort and convention shows.

Because of Achus long performing experience he has the ability to control his wheel on nearly every kind of surface. He did perform in water, on grass at football and cricket matches, in stadiums and big arenas, on streets, wooden stages as well as metal surfaces, stone floors, soft thin and thick carpet floor, gymnastic and rythmic gymnast floors.

Due to his university education in sport- and training-science as well as his academic master-degree dissertation in biomechanics (biomechanical loading research about changes in lower extremity kinetics after landing on different surfaces), his trainer liscences in artistic gymnastic and german wheel Achus works as a highly skilled fitness and personal trainer for artists, cyr wheel acrobats and he ranks among the most qualified german wheeltrainers in the world. Achus is a very communicative person - is fluent in english, german and french - who is able to adapt quickly to changing or given situations. He prefers to work disciplined and goal-oriented in order to succesfully complete begun tasks.

Next to his career in the german wheel Achus studied sports and french at the "Christian-Abrechts-University" in Kiel, sport-science at the "University des Saarlandes" and furthermore he studied at the renowned "German Sports University of Cologne" where he successfully finished his academic master degree in economics / management in 2007.